Thursday , December 5 2019

What I ATE Today – Sarah Lindsay

The Olympic speed skater, PT and co-founder of ROAR fitness shares her training diet.


‘If I’m training early, I eat breakfast after my workout, and rely on a strong coffee to get me through. I’m a morning person, so I usually have plenty of energy. If I’m not training, I have some form of fats and protein like eggs and avocado or steak and spinach, and sometimes leftovers if I made too much dinner.’


‘Water, coffee, water… I drink three litres of water daily and usually two coffees. I try to time my coffee before a workout so I can put that cortisol to good use.’


‘I always make my own food unless it’s an occasion or social situation. I have two lunches which are lean protein and veg, or salad. I then time my carbohydrates around my training.’


‘Always a vegan protein shake as I have a milk allergy so I can’t have whey. I make it with a sweet nut milk like coconut or almond, and add a sugary cereal. My current favourite is a maple cornflake from Planet Organic.’


‘Lean protein and veg like pan-fried white fish, or chicken with cabbage, onions and lots of garlic, or a monkfish or cod cheek red curry. Luckily, my husband has no sense of smell so I don’t have to worry about spicy breath.’


‘If I’m training, I have breakfast, two lunches, one dinner and a protein shake with lots of cereal, which is enough. If I don’t have a shake, I might have some nuts. After dinner, I have a few squares of high-quality, high-cocoa chocolate.’


‘No off-the-shelf diet works for anyone properly, let alone everyone. Everybody is different, so don’t copy what anyone else is doing. Optimal health should be the most important factor with any nutrition plan – whatever your goal.’

SUPPLEMENTS ‘I take a fish oil, zinc, magnesium and a multi vitamin. I have a protein shake after training and if I’m training hard, I feel better for taking BCAA’s and a pro-flavonol like grape seed extract. In winter, I take vitamin D.’